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Conservatory and pergola awnings are mounted above fixed structures or supplied with an Integrated post + rail system to stop sun and heat before they reach the interior of your home.

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Sundream Conservatory Awning

The Sundream is a versatile and robust conservatory awning

The Sundream Conservatory Awning is a sunshade system especially designed for mounting above glass roofs or pergolas, to stop sun and heat before they reach the interior of your home or business.

It is a highly versatile and robust awning which runs in sturdy aluminium guide tracks that are designed for durability and maintenance free operation.

The front bar is driven by powerful tie rods with the guide pulleys being made from high strength synthetic resin. The guided motion prevents the front bar from getting jammed or snapping out of the guide rails so ensuring a safe operation.

The internal roller houses two heavy duty spring units that are increasingly loaded while the awning extends so that the cover is always being kept under tension, ensuring it rolls in and out smoothly.

The design allows for a variable Steeraround function to enable the awning to turn corners of up to 90 degrees.

The Steeraround design is ideal for pergolas and for A frame glass conservatories. The design can be customised to suit a wide range of structures.

Awnings can extend to 6.5 metres wide and 6.5 metres in projection (limited to a total of 39m²) with coupled units extending up to 24 metres wide to a total of 120m². All awnings are motorised and powdercoated to your choice of colour.


Dimensions (h x d): 170mm x 230mm
Total height: 213mm
Width Single Unit/Coupled: 1.4m – 6.5m / 24m
Projection: To 6.5m
Max Single Unit/Coupled: 39m² / 120m²

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Sundream Post + Rail

An integrated pergola frame and retractable sunshade solution

Where there is no existing pergola for mounting the Sundream, for sizes up to 36m² an integrated post and rail system is available incorporating heavy duty guiderails, front mounting posts and cross rail and fixings to secure the headbox to a wall structure.

An intelligent tensioning system provides optimum fabric stability when the awning is retracted and extended. If the awning has sufficient pitch, it may also be used as a light rain cover.

The heavy duty extruded aluminum guiderails are 3.0mm thick, so enabling adequate loading capacity over a 6500mm projection without any intermediate mounting posts.

The Post + Rail system is provided with additional intermediate cross supports for larger size awnings. A light rain gutter and additional back posts are also available.


Dimensions (h x d): 170mm x 230mm
Wall Bracket: 200mm
Width single unit: 1.4m – 6.5m
Projection: 6.5m
Maximum Area: 36m²

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Noblesse Conservatory Awning

The Noblesse provides extended shade cover

The Noblesse awning is mounted above a conservatory or pergola structure. This design incorporates the use of a frame mounted on guide tracks that operate using a gas compression spring system.

The Noblesse can extend up to 7 metres wide and 4 metres in projection. A feature of the Noblesse is that the awning cover area is not limited by the size of the structure on which the awning is being mounted.

The awning width can extend up to 1.5 metres wider than the pergola frame (each side) and up to 1 metre beyond the front of the structure, providing extended shade cover whilst maintaining unobstructed views.

The Noblesse is operated by a hardwired or remote controlled motor with optional sun, wind and timer systems.


Headbox (h x d): 130mm x 233mm
Total height: 310mm
Width single unit: To 7m
Projection: 1m – 4m

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